The name of the Illuminati is often misused. Many profit-seekers continually create accounts and aliases under the names of our ranking members in an attempt to mislead those who follow our organization.

If a person approaches you online and claims to be an Illuminati member, but their account is not listed on this page, they are not authorized to speak on our behalf. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Be Wary Of Impostors

Many fraudulent groups use our insignia to create unauthorized profiles. Any account can copy our logos and designs, but this does not make their posts legitimate.

The Illuminati does not maintain profiles on any of these websites:

Illuminati Emails

All emails from the Illuminati originate from addresses ending

Contact The Illuminati

Messages for the Illuminati may be sent via this page only or by using the public social media accounts listed on this page.

 Press & Media Emails

Communications from our public relations liaisons will originate from addresses ending in

Press & Media Contact

Remember: email addresses can be falsified. If you receive a suspicious response from one of our accounts, ensure that you are communicating with an authorized representative before proceeding.

As part of our ongoing public outreach, the Illuminati maintains many online destinations for the education and enlightenment of those who seek the truth.

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